For Phoenix, with love.

Happy birthday

To the one place that encourages me to say it Straight keep it trill and honor the heart I’ve been blessed with. To the place where the “noise” is actually a song. To the place that reminds me to keep rising. The place that has healed me. The place little judgment resides but love ranks king. The place that no matter what, the sun is always n reach of shining. The place God reminds me grace is always sufficient and source is always near. The place that helps me choose to sing. To the one place eye come and talk my shit unapologetically. My safe space to throw prose, hands, knowledge and dreams in the air like pixy dust as if no ones watching. Even for the ones that silently do, eye pray this space continues to serve as a reminder that we are all a beautiful work in progress; reminding to enjoy the process. Continue to rise from the ashes and arise to the occasion of excellence for the greatest and highest Good and to trust blue skies ahead.

To 4 years, Love and be well.


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