Platinum and Gold

The real deal you know

Eye rather have the experience that nurtures my soul

No slave or misfortune

No miracle dethroned

Love that reigns forever, past platinum and gold

You know like those Motown hits that still hit to this day my cherrie amore some Marvin Gaye or maybe even Hathaway.

Timeless, to release all illusions that cloud the hearts ability to make a way.

That love that’s best at a drop of a hat or a drop of a beat that allows love to carry our feet across the most tretchous and tedious of dance floors

Its that soul food that never really leaves us and always has you askin for more

Soul saves the day and the night too forever young the anthem when love finally shines through.

It carried us from the hardest of tones when life didn’t seem worth livin

Love stepped in to give us somethin to believe in

You couldn’t deny the R.E.S.P.E.C.T that it’s energy holds

Past platinum and gold

To infinity and beyond

A love so pure love became the only way to respond.


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