Is that why I never like layin on my back The only folk I ever saw to often in that position was layin in a casket I was afraid to die Afraid to die to what? A love song Afraid to die to self I mean missionary always felt like true surrender to me With […]

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God is (Goddess)

Who is God to you? (More importantly, who are you to God?) I often don’t know really what to say (Tell me what you see when you think of me.) I feel your love but it feels far away (Don’t think to much go with it let it be.) If you are who you say […]

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Pretty prose Pretty hoes Lots of lost notes in a lost niggas phone Pretty nice Pretty wife But what if pretty only pretty illuminate off the night When your tolerance is low and the drugs won’t get you high Yeah that’s right, pretty turned sour when sweet met me That’s when I realized pretty wasn’t […]

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The Gospel.

She’s Light like the juice of a flower play around with love for some hours Come around come around come around Pushin old school whips in some new class drip pour down like rain big body we love to see you reign She saunters through the room like no one would notice her like no […]

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Hello Sunshine.

I love you wherever you are and eye hear you whisper back I love you right where you are. The fire in my belly the passion in my thighs The love over flows not to be confused with egos pride Y must you hide so much You mean hide in plain sight If you lookin […]

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Platinum and Gold

The real deal you know Eye rather have the experience that nurtures my soul No slave or misfortune No miracle dethroned Love that reigns forever, past platinum and gold You know like those Motown hits that still hit to this day my cherrie amore some Marvin Gaye or maybe even Hathaway. Timeless, to release all […]

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For Phoenix, with love.

Happy birthday To the one place that encourages me to say it Straight keep it trill and honor the heart I’ve been blessed with. To the place where the “noise” is actually a song. To the place that reminds me to keep rising. The place that has healed me. The place little judgment resides but […]

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Full Flower

Well I showl am a woman The way these periods be dottin and these pendelums be swingin Never really know what we gettin day to day Some easier than others Some moments seem more obvious than a stutter But no doubt about it, she is Queen mother in every way Some no’s mean yesses and yes’s mean […]

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Thee Asset.

Holding hostage to hearts that don’t belong. Harboring feelings that ring a lost love song. Housing these hearts that I dont want or need the whole time eye was searching for me. Arms wide open reaching for Bri. The only possession of anyone else eye really held onto was your heart. Prayin that you use […]

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Absolutely nobody: God: Eye ain’t one of yo lil friends. You know that time of the night when you are met with the birds chirping you realize I’ve managed to do it again. I’ll be meeting the sun soon enough as yet another night when God decided to God and keep you up at night […]

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