Full Flower

Well I showl am a woman

The way these periods be dottin and these pendelums be swingin

Never really know what we gettin day to day

Some easier than others

Some moments seem more obvious than a stutter

But no doubt about it, she is Queen mother in every way

Some no’s mean yesses and yes’s mean absolute nah

Sometimes the voices in my head are the choirs of christ call

and other

time as empty as the school halls in summer time

No action not a thing regardless of hard we beg

Then boom it hits all at once making all the sense taking the nonsense out of her head….

with no pen, no paper or no apple to capture the overload of the download

 Well eye showl am a Woman

The ways of the road could never deny her journey to self

curves could never allow the denial of the facts themself

You see em from a mile away

like the moon in full bloom for a couple of days even under a money tree we dont recall the shade

Shes always had to get it even in the off season

that’s when she learned she could never really fade.


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