Exciting news!

Happy Tuesday great people, with the success of this past weekends Wellness and entrepreneurs spotlight segment, Yoga Bay LLC will be continuing Saturday morning yoga classes! That’s right y’all, weather permitting of course come out each Saturday morning for an Hour of mindful movement through yoga before you get your weekend started. Peep the dets […]

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Spare Change

This past week has been pretty inspiring. I attended Detroit start up week for entrepreneurs. Detroit start up week is a week full of seminars, workshops, panels and information packed segments with leading entrepreneurs in the city and from all over the world that come to network and help those that are looking to get […]

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….and We Back!

First and foremost I want to say thank you to all those who have rocked with and supported The phoenix project. Letter B: My baby turns 1 years old today! Yes thephoenixproject.blog has been up and running for a full year as of TODAY! The last 365 has been a wonderful journey; learning myself,  continuing to move forward and most importantly helping others […]

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Short and sweet!

Daylights saving has brought on some super exciting, super good and super FREE STUFF but only for a short amount of time. So I know y’all wanna know whats the stuff Weeeeeelll, drum roll and all that other stuff please…….. I’ll be teaching my FIRST vinyasa yoga class this Friday evening 8 pm at Detroit […]

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