Still poppin’

Peace, Although todays forcast is a lil on the rainy side, no rain is projected for tomorrow so hope to see you, yeah you for yoga in the yard 10:30 am- 11:30 am $5 with $2 mat rental availabe at 3210 S. Annabelle (48217). Cash app and square also available. Remeber all proceeds are going […]

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Try Yoga Bay

Why wait for 2019 to begin your wellness journey? Maybe you’re not sure if “yoga” is for you, but you want to do something different, and possibly meet others who are on a wellness journey as well. Hey guys are you thinking that yoga is an exercise for women? Not so! “From heart issues to […]

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Spare Change

This past week has been pretty inspiring. I attended Detroit start up week for entrepreneurs. Detroit start up week is a week full of seminars, workshops, panels and information packed segments with leading entrepreneurs in the city and from all over the world that come to network and help those that are looking to get […]

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….and We Back!

First and foremost I want to say thank you to all those who have rocked with and supported The phoenix project. Letter B: My baby turns 1 years old today! Yes has been up and running for a full year as of TODAY! The last 365 has been a wonderful journey; learning myself,  continuing to move forward and most importantly helping others […]

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Friend Check!

Honest moment : My name is Brianna and I used to suck at being a friend…still do sometime but God aint through with me yet; plus that aint the point im tryna make right now soooo moving left and right along . But yeah, I sucked… my idea of being the bestest friend was buying you shit and […]

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Hair flair starter pack

The difference a year makes…. one day I got scissor happy and cut it… most of it at least. But with a lot of hair TLC and patience, my Maine is back and healthier longer and stronger like it never left. With the dramatic hair change of course comes the inquires and to be honest […]

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