Pretty prose

Pretty hoes

Lots of lost notes in a lost niggas phone

Pretty nice

Pretty wife

But what if pretty only pretty illuminate off the night

When your tolerance is low and the drugs won’t get you high

Yeah that’s right, pretty turned sour when sweet met me

That’s when I realized pretty wasn’t all that cracked up to be

My life was never handed, worked for every thing I got, according to yall I ain’t got much but thank God I got my heart and my integrity and round here that counts for a lot.

This ain’t daddy’s money, Not much of what pretty can relate with me.

Pretty close calls to the souls fall something like the dark night of the soul, you heard of it, love?

That demon on ya back stands in your face and calls you a bitch, all in front of yo kinfolk.

Leaves you on read then leaves you for dead then hop on a plane with a new pretty face what kinda sick joke is y’all on.

Don’t y’all know that kinda pain is killin folk?

Pretty love notes

Pretty pillow talks

Fancy ways to cover up shit

Gotta be more careful when it comes to who you sharing yo dreams with

gotta be even more lean with sayin less

Tired of bottling all ya dreams in a book but you know a nigga won’t think to look there

They too busy lookin for the next pretty

The next big booty

The next can I get my lil none pleasing lick sucked

You know, the next come up

To play victim then hit the okey doke when it’s time to show up

We all Queens right?!

I’m a Queen right

Why my king don’t act right

I forgot that nigga lives in my dreams We can only visit at night

It’s real if it’s on the net right

Until he cancels you and hops on the next pretty flight when you ain’t acting right

Pretty prose

Pretty hoes

Trust one day pretty gone fold

This too shall pass

You alright? Pretty please

Peaceful yet turnt to the nearest max if you askin

Tryna be

Workin on staying in passion and away from energy that ain’t as pure as me.


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