Thee Asset.

Holding hostage to hearts that don’t belong.

Harboring feelings that ring a lost love song.

Housing these hearts that I dont want or need the whole time eye was searching for me.

Arms wide open reaching for Bri.

The only possession of anyone else eye really held onto was your heart.

Prayin that you use it well once returned.

Eye poured a lot of time into that thang. Eye nurtured and adored so much into that wounded thing.

Cared for it like eye was the home, like it was my own, king.

To the point eye forgot it didnt belong to me.

Eye really wasn’t the rightful owner to this property.

But eye loved it back to health, eye pray you treat it well.

It deserves it you know.

A Happy loving place to call home.

A sanctuary that knows its sacred.

Knows no human capable to replace it.

No faux nothin will ever do.

It’ll have you working overtime faithfully like the rent foe-eva due.

That heart deserves to be listened to.

Innerstood on not jus one but a few levels, realms, dimensions, realities and dreams.

It deserves the sacred protection; the alter treatment, life of the Noble freeman Queens.

That heart deserves more than this world could ever actually ever even give it. But they sure would try.

It loves so deep, literally anyone that knew it knew one day they would fly or at least try.

This heart made me believe anything was possible, even me.

As long as my faith even activated that mustard seed faith that the saints speak of.

It only channeled love from above so you know its the truth.

The love that tapped into the cheat code, serenities bliss, nirvanas oceans and the love of lifes youth.

This heart deserves the world you know.

A beautiful sacred place to call home.

It’s healed the sick and fed the starved.

It’s prayed for you and played in stars.

Moon lit conversations never felt so rich, never felt so full before.

This heart is deserving of Infinity you know, and so much more.

On its weakest days it still sang life into itself when no one else was around and even teary,

eye’d help adjust my crown this heart goes hard that’s why the beat stay so heavy the fire always took us higher.

This heart wrote love songs and poems even when the eyes could not see and the body could not feel.

This heart still stands in faith that love is real.

It was out there, one woman band, rooting in the stands for what it believed.

Singing to the walls, the trees or even the dog or any thing that desired to live.

This heart had love to give and it did just that, the gardens around me is the fact. It’s the proof eye needed to know my heart is pure Gold and Zen.

This heart is royalty you know, It deserves a divine place to call home.

God has a home for me, Aśe 🤎Amen.


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