Absolutely nobody:

God: Eye ain’t one of yo lil friends.

You know that time of the night when you are met with the birds chirping you realize I’ve managed to do it again. I’ll be meeting the sun soon enough as yet another night when God decided to God and keep you up at night knowing full attention was present and source needed to work on y’all’s relationship and communication skills. As I toss and turn and turn some mo the frustration builds to an eye roll and eventual pace to the kitchen feeezer to grab some ice to cool my nerves… literally. Only to be back in the tossed abyss of the mind working out the plays. Once I finally stop to just be with what is, the Beloved speaks and reminds me caring yet wig snatched:

“God is not moved by your frustration.”

I look around cause ain’t nobody woke but me and the plants in this hour. And it comes through loud and clearer:

You know how we as humans are moved to action when someone seems agitated or driven to frustration by our perceived inaction. How quickly we will adjust to the comforts of someone else’s demand to keep the peace and to show all the hard work is working; We fix our coat straighten our hair fall in line do what we gotta do and say what we gotta say to get the man off our backs out our ears and face especially if he taps his foot loud enough.

Well God ain’t like that. You gone toss and turn huff and puff cry me a river and pray ya self to sleep, God don’t move her feet for your frustration, God stands on Gods word and time.

You are the ones you are the ones that move, notice what you move towards when frustration tries to beat at the minds door does it bring you closer to God or farther away.

Notice where one unconscious frustration can carry you in just one day, lord forbid several. God ain’t on our time; God ain’t speakin in the dolla or the bills eitha.

You are the ones you are the ones blinded by the illusions of lack, hate, fear.

You gotta do better in trustin that God is on time and that God is always workin’, even in the perceived chill.



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