Love and lessons brought by Spring and The PowerPlate

Spring equinox, this year falling on Saturday March 20th is the official beginning of spring (Insert twerk near some plants here). Regardless of what the weather is doin in your neighborhood, this is the time where us gardeners and tree huggers have a day to honor Mother Earth celebrating and anticipating all the seeds planted; nurtured and tended to all winter long and hoping to see the residuals of the hard work we have put in. Spring allows for us to truly see what we been working on and working with during those days. Winter allowed what no longer served to fall away and newness to nourish not just us but the greater communities that we serve.

With spring peeking around the corner and with most of us being fed up with the cooped up feeling and hard realities of the past year, I know we are all looking forward to getting out and sharing space in our gardens, parks, beautiful waters and just simply allowing the suns rays to shine on our faces, safely of course. We know however with the highs and lows of transitioning from winter to spring, Mother Nature will throw us some curves. IDK about yall but I have seen snow in May before, so its super essential to still keep those immune systems tight and right as we know this is prime opportunity for cold season to be on the rise especially when the outdoors may be a lil on the deceiving side and you gotta pack ya shorts and ya parka.

With this being an all things creative and wellness platform and of course always looking to support our fellow Black Business’s and creatives doing amazing things all around the world, I have had the opportunity to share some twitter space and love with an amazing young Woman by the name of Chakayla Taylor owner and Founder of The Power Plate , Where you can find an array of Chakaylas “spyces”, rubs, infused honeys and other home goods to add to your home apothecary. Ms Taylor uses her social platforms (twitter and instagram) showcasing her home garden, sharing growing tips and inspiring newbies like myself with her dope ass Greenhouse and growing skills.

ChaKayla Taylor the creator of The Power Plate.
Post from Chakayla’s Twitter and instagram feed of her 2021 Greenhouse, Goals AF!
The Power Plates Herbal Wellness Trio, so good yall!

I had the pleasure of experiencing one of many of Chakaylas’ creations with her Herbal wellness bundle pictured above. This came just in time to add some love to my morning and evening tea rituals. The blends that The Power Plate supplies as a great way to bolster the immune system and keep you right as we usher Spring and all her glory in. My favorite is the Thyme and Sage syrup; my mother vows by the Ginger Honey, but to be honest they all slap so you can go any way and find some bliss in a cup. If tea isn’t really your thing though don’t trip, you can take a teaspoon of the syrups provided and The Power Plate has many options for the culinary folks looking to get creative in the kitchen with her astrology inspired “spyce” blends, yes baby you can literally cook with ya moon sign chile and with us all doin more cooking and exploring that chef side these days, I know we’re all looking for ways to add some spice in the kitchen, literally. I haven’t tried them yet but based on the reviews and posts I got my eye on a few to add to the cabinets in the near future.

If you’re ever looking for a handbook to life and how to do it right, let me know when you find it mmmk? Naw but for facts, nature has an amazing way of replicating lifes many repetitive ebb and flows of life and perfect timing. Knowing what season you are in and how to stay ready so you aint gotta get is key to success even when you can’t always see the full staircase. We know for a fact after winter must come spring (word to the Goddess Lauren Hill) and that summer is soon to follow where we get to celebrate and truly bask in the beauty that has been birthed through us while still preparing and planning for yet another change in the season and gearing up for the down time to soon come back around. As eye have taken the time to let mother earth learn me a thing or three, eye am learning to be a better steward of my time and resources, energy being my best asset at this moment. The seasons a clear reflection of time and nature (shout out to my home garden I have managed to to keep alive by the grace of the God) shows us like the moon phases when its time to retreat to rest, do the work, release, celebrate and even how to ward off pest and illness. Its the micros that serve and reflects the greater macrocosms at play of how the universe is really out here spinning on its axis. So as we continue to plan and prepare for a beautiful growing season for 2021 be sure to keep your energy and immune system on flawless to ensure you can continue on this journey we call life. Call in your fellow plants, teachers, influencers, creatives, tribes and do not be afraid to make some new friends to keep you encouraged along the way. Keep your sage bundles on deck and never go a day without some self TLC , discernment, and of course some prayer. Eye pray we all come through more resilient than we went in and continue to level up. Don’t forget to find you a black business or creative to support in some way along the way as well, you know we always do better as a community. Check out The Power Plate and be sure to follow, share and even monetarily support this fellow Queens work and keep ya kitchen on the rise by adding some “spyce” in ya life. Be sure to get out in the sun this equinox honoring our great mother and hug a tree if you feel led, continue to thrive live love and always grow well.


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