Eye two

You always liked the sound cause you believed it was only real when you could hear it. That base level look of it was always appealing . Take the time to really feel, what truly is real.

Eyes open look around you busy body to blind too

Feel magic, feel Miracles , feel love within look inside you.

Within, that inner voice that knows you are a Queen no ego attached just a beautiful soul with beautiful dreams manifesting the match.

The magic flicker that keeps us connected to source, that love.

The sounds don’t have to rhyme to be true. Your life is poetry in ever motion ever flowing evolution best when gut feels like it’s bursting through the earth to plant the seed and finally giving life to me, giving life to we this beautiful birth of a woman that truly lived her best. These words are to you and your daughters, daughters, daughters and your sons too, remind them they are worthy. It’s not a lie, it’s not above you, you can really have all you truly desire once you decide you deserve to fly too.

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