Aquarius Moon.

Don’t waste your mind worrying.

Don’t waste your life sorting out the invisible details of the what if’s.

You light yourself up at night then forget by morning the beloveds kiss.

Take the time to set the dream up; then grow fearful before you even give yourself the chance to fly.

Young Phoenix, light up like the fullest moon with the spark, the fire, the drive.

Your outer layer seems so cold when the soul has always bled red and has subtly or maybe not so much lit up the world inside, instead.

Outta fear of being too much or feelin too clutch when the synchronized dance of fate meets your style of love touch.

Don’t be afraid to shake and move a lil bit, find your groove a lil bit til the moments stop feeling so familiar and mundane when you really look at it.

Notice what this world needs that you can give out of your abundance with ease.

How may you be the difference? How many homes do you feed?

See no divide but only when God split the sea to save you. Black stars never felt so alive. Like the view from the stage when love decided to collide with something worth living for,

Don’t forget to lovingly play cause you have always been real and always known you’ve been made for more.

How many thoughts do we have to have before one strikes us into action?

How many names do we need to be called to affirm the facts of knowing thyself ?

How many opportunities should one get before it never knocks again?

What up with the attachment to the fear of being left behind or not mattering enough to have the world stop for us; all those childhood wounds that never got delt with.

That’s when you know it’s you who is seeking to be held. the disconnect from self can feel so real if you let it. The attachments we done got too familiar knowin it’s time to fall away.

You gotta create safety within her, you know that place of home you been creating for everybody else, become your own sanctuary, for you.

And trust that God gone step.

She already has.

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