Dream or….

A few nights ago I saw a man that looked or reminded me of my granddaddy Clarence he was smiling at me, he didn’t say anything just had a big grin on his face with his salt and pepper hair; he looked youthful and happy. I just remember rolling over and saying hey granddaddy and rolled over and went right back to sleep. I’m not sure what that was about but I feel that was his way of saying he’s watching over me. Although I don’t remember much about him I know he was a dreamer that wanted the best for himself and his family. I know he loved me and I loved him…so many times I wish he was still here with us to teach and protect us but I know he’s in a better place to protect and lead us and to provide that beautiful Wilson Smile. I know he worked hard to take care of his family and to provide a way for my grandmother to be in the position She is in now to have a place to call home. He was and still is an honorable man, a man of my own Heart. From the stories I heard for damn sure he loved his wife and his children and once he started having grand babies his heart cup was definitely full. He was a romantic and a hard working man who enjoyed the simple things in life like sitting on the livin room floor eatin while his grandbaby (aka me) crawled over to enjoy his snack sharin… he never turned me down. I’m grateful to have had a man like that in my consciousness. I love you for ever Clarence Wilson thank you for loving us and protecting us….forever in our hearts and minds eye.


Grandaddys’ booge 💙

One thought on “Dreamer…

  1. In about a week it will be approximately 30 years he went on to take his rest. I believe too that our love ones visit to let us know that all is well, and that they are with us. This was a blessing. Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing!


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