Reminders, we all need em sometime.

Gotta love my DYL family the students, teachers, mentors and now even friends have held me accountable, supported me when I felt like shit on a stick and reflected an energy that I am forever grateful for. This month we are having a Movement and mindset challenge gearing up for the colder and holiday filled season and we were encouraged by our mentor to share what we are working on this month. After reading what I shared I figured why not share it here with you:

I’ve been in a state of feeling I need to do more and like I’m leaving too much on the line and I feel my little scare last month was Gods ways of slowing me down and to know what I am doing and who I am is in deed enough. With the months challenge I chose to focus on hip openers. We are approaching the season where things paradoxically slow down and speed up. The holiday rush with us sitting among familiar and even knew faces, mixed with the cool fall and soon to be winter breeze tempting us all to stay under the biggest blanket we can find hopefully encouraging some much needed moments of relaxation especially when the weather out is too much to bare. 
I’m working on hip openers for the month of November and even the idea of knowing when and how to say no or enough IS truly enough. I can’t speak for anyone but me but contradiction of do more and rest sends my emotional cup into shattered pieces of glass down a river of tears, and our hips/ pelvis area is where most of our emotional state is held also where the second chakra is located. The pelvis/ hips provides us the stability we need connecting our lowering extremities to our upper limbs but also allows us to move forward (and sometime backwards) with steadiness and ease, when life is doing all of the things and not just in the physical practice. So that’s been my theme opening up to experiences through steadiness and ease.  Move in a way that allows you to stay anchored in strength vs forced and sometime false attainment. I will speak for myself, Our hips hold a lot of our emotional stuff and when shit (if I may be frank apologies for the language) hits the fan it can try to stop you in your tracks before you even give yourself a real opportunity to get going or it can be the opposite you begin to feel pressure to hit back… harder. As I am learning myself to keep moving forward, I am learning to listen to what those tight spots are trying to teach, release, and heal. I am also learning to give myself the grace and even rest in a world that’s constantly asking us all to go faster and be less connected both to ourselves and others. Hopefully this month of hip stuff will encourage my students (including myself) how to continually and courageously open up,  lean in and continue to get through the lows…with Grace. 

If you are in the metro Detroit or Grosse point area be sure to come take a class with me at Detroit Yoga Lab, live love and grow… well ❣️

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