This is my yoga…

As I find myself with more time to see who Bri really is, I notice the small efforts that add up in an attempt to defy the odds and build something from what some would perceive as nothing. This original video of me just kinda fuckin around tryna but flows together for my classes turned into “do what your body and soul needs right now, don’t even think just go with the flow”. And this is what happened.

I danced, i sang, i malasana’d, I jigged, I laughed, almost bussed my ass and even bussed it down with the salutations all in the spirit of “flow”. You know that give and take of energy to and from that higher realm. I felt crazy and a whole lotta silly after watching but it made me smile and although hesitant at first, I decided to share. I started the video sped up super fast to eventually go slower almost as if in this moment my ability to simply be, was beginning to tell a story. An unfolding and reveal of the true Ebv and flow that doesn’t just happen when the playlist is live as fuck, but also that flow of how life can be.

Picture it, it’s like you wake up one day feelin yourself; your full self, at least thats what you think. All that you are…feelin that moment of “I’m the shit and the full bag of chips wit the guac haux”, so of course you start livin life just a little too fast, never taking a moment to pause, take note to how your really showing up but fa damn sure your showin, even if it’s ya ass. So of course life comes along and knocks that ass back into some sense of tuggin at your soul cause somewhere you got off track and lost sight of what it really is all about. What your life is really all about, you know…that dharma; life purpose that driving force that brought you here in the first damn place even if you don’t know it yet, or maybe you do.

So you have to slow down. Evaluate and then reevaluate the situations and postures of influence you find yourself in. Make adjustments, consider new ways of being, living, thinking and loving not just for yourself but for those God has placed in your life as the ones your are assigned to. I’ve come to learn even without having children God makes us all responsible for someone rather it’s to encourage or help them on their journey, or vice versa we are never truly an island even if we try to be unknowingly.

But yeah life happens and you really start to take the time to grow to truly be better, rehearse ya plays so you can be as ready as you can be when it’s your time. Learning from past mistakes and missteps but also learning to enjoy the ride and how to never let em see you sweat turning even what seems as the highest level of fuck up into an elegant diddy pop or pop lock and drop almost as if that shit was planned to get to the next win. Anybody watching would think damn this chick is good, the whole time not even realizing not even you, that you’ve become stronger. Good on your toes even, and it’s all cause of the determination to keep getting better and defy the odds keep showing up for what you say matters to you; be it your health, finances, family, even when it looks or feels bleak, having the tenacity to keep at it.

It’s hard for me to grasp the idea of less perfection and more feels or even the idea of keep trying even when it seems hard… who wants to go through that pain for real, not I; but God aint through with us yet. I say all this to remind us all to flow with it and as my dads favorite song for me has always been “if you have the opportunity to sit it out or dance ( or sing or write, or motivate or whatever your “thing” is) I hope you dance….

She is forever a student and although she still has yet so far to go its amazing to see how far she has come and how far she will grow.

Continue to live well, y’all.

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