Story time….

Let me tell you a story about a girl who had all the swirl and the Tig ol bitties to match

Who at one point was living life way too fuckin fast.

No judgement passed however she knew she wasn’t happy and it showed in her choices and her waistline.

Still summer time fine no matter the scale don’t trip honey dip

But she kept finding herself in spaces where her soul never quite fit.

She stood out for all the wrong and the right reasons and her sense of style was always in season, at least in her mind.

How never was she cold but deep down inside she really was.

See she had lost her soul at a young age one of hearts purest sent damn there left for the grave when her innocence was taken for granted and used against her and the gifts gifted to her were misunderstood even by her own, that’s when she damn there lost it all.

she was always known as sweetie, or pumpkin and unfortunately for some they thought those names meant boo boo the fool how adolescents can be so cruel… the world may never know. But still yet she tried to Glow.

Now let me tell you about this chick who was usually wit the shits…dispite her angelic energy, she often had to admit

She was quite a fuckin character

See drama lived in her mind so she saw what she thought she saw and said what the fuck she said but it was all In her head and usually after one too many drinks somebody usually wanted her emotionally dead or numb or somethin cause lil baby was always trippin about something and there was just never enough but remember i said i mean she said it was all in her head.

S/O to the Henny and the goose doe

But I mean she made sure all the latest fashion was in toe without a name just style

And if you ever got to meet her you always wanted her to stay a while

She’ll feed you good give you every encouraging word she had and even pray for you while she stared

But she wasn’t classified as a cool kid so no one really cared.

She often chose what worked for everyone else cause she was tired of gettin fucked up for being different

And I swear if I could go back I’d remind her every day that, that difference made the difference.

You see Her youthful soul could never grow old, she watched too many cartoons on repeat

And she moves to a rythem and a cadence that’s unmatch, the music literally is her Soul seat.

Shes fascinated by the arts, oh you rap? She’d ask after already tryna find yo shit on limewire or aol first listen

But she could her her on soul cry deep down in the distance

So she pushed it down with food and anything else she could get shoved down her throat care to choke it’ll stopped the muffled sounds of a lost soul trying to give up hope

But you see God would not let her have what she thought was her ways even with her unorthodox moon phase

So many things that She will share but so many just wouldn’t even get it, trust the abundance of inside jokes keep her company in the distance or maybe not so much

Her souls creative glow surpasses even the most obvious beauty and I still tell her,

That difference is the difference in your life, stay L.I.G.H.T. ❤️

God comin’ she’s just takin her time; to be continued…

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