To Be…

I’ve been struggling with simply being. You know that feeling when you don’t even know how to simply rest cause it’s always something that needs your attention? Attaching ourselves to the numerous rolls that constantly pulling at our time, efforts and attention. The the to do never gets shorter and the fires keep needing to be put out.

Ways I have been attempting to find the much needed peace that my critter brain tries to steal is through slowing down and asking myself and my students, “in this moment what needs to be nourished?” Rather it be in my physical body, through my practice, me legit needing to eat because I’m “hangry” or the spiritual/ emotional nourishment that I lean on so heavily right now in my life. Being able to slow down, take a deep breath and rest assured that if I be intentional and ask what needs to be nourished, and be willing to listen I shall receive the answer I need in order to keep the MVP in the game. We are our most valuable player I say most often to myself and my students and although I hold myself as superwoman most days of my life ( I say I cause I know I’m the only one who deals with it or maybe not lol) there are many days I get weiry, tired or simply afraid and sometime just simply can not even think to deal. Instead of dancing with the devil as I call them I challenge myself and my students daily to rise above and know that We haven’t gotten this far to only come this far and to remind ourselves that even in this moment it is ok. Okay to feel and okay to simply Be. 

Stay light and stay encouraged family. 💜

One thought on “To Be…

  1. It’s all a part of the process. We all are learning that all is really ok. Continue to help others remain true to the game. Because in truth, we remain whole and healed.💜


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