Seat change anyone?

Good morning family,

This months theme of choice for my yoga classes have been open heart = open opportunities. I’ve been using this to connect with students by inviting them to be open to listening to and finding new ways to be open to new perspectives (sometimes you just gotta “change your seat at the table”) . Sometime I find myself getting irritated seeing the same “patterns” in my life, teachings and practice and taking time to listen and really tune in to see if I be open to the possibilities and willing to explore even something as simple as my breath to determine a new way of seeing/ being; the seemed same ideas eventually shines itself in a new light.
The way I have been listening and connecting with students to gently remind them of that is always encouraging them to never look at something as better or worse, less comparison, more compassion and nurturing. So poses like child’s pose right in the thick of a flow shouldn’t feel like defeat but a way to nourish to ensure we make it to the finish line. Knowing when and where to let go of extra burdens to utilize that energy to something more beneficial to the overall success (ie: If holding a strap over head while in warrior three is sending you on a unnecessary ride, drop it). Ways I also try to listen to students is before classes (especially more intimate classes) I ask students if they have specific adjustments they would like me to assist them with as we are flowing. I’ve notice when I do this and throughout class make a point to assist them and tell them what or why the assist helps them, I notice they appreciate the fact I first remembered and also allows them to feel they have left with personalized added value to their experience. 

As we are making our way with the efforts made know that nothing goes in vain or unnoticed it’s all. Compound interest so stay inspired and don’t hesitate to change ya seat if you need to see the other side of the beautify that lies within.

Continue to thrive everyone💜

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