What’s up, what’s Haapnin?! (If you know you know)

Its been a long time coming but we still here, It’s been two years and 4 days since I started the Phoenix project. I used this platform as a way to keep me accountable with my workouts and staying healthy at a time of my life when things seemed at there craziest and I needed a way to stay motivated. I am happy to say that through my efforts (not always mine alone and definitely not always easy don’t get it twisted) I turned my once a week workout dreads into a lifestyle, left my full time job and embarked on a new career and life path as a yoga instructor and recently certified wellness coach… WOW, Right?! Of course still learning and moving forward in-spite of some have done everything besides out right called me crazy to my damn face and I’m honestly cool with that. I’m learning to embrace my path and move at my pace, this has worked for me considering I found myself with gym memberships I never used but once I found my “grüv” shall I say, that’s when I really was able to see what worked for me, my body, and my life.

With the support and help of those close to me I want to use this space to say thank you. Thank you for encouraging me even through the tough love days when I have to get off my ass and figure this shit out. With that said I’m happy to say I’m teaching more, looking for more opportunities to share my wellness knowledge and continue to learn and collaborate with others, and happy to announce I am still committed to bringing yoga to the community I grew up in as Yoga in the yard will be staring back for the summer on Saturday June 29th and every Saturday here after of course pending weather.

As a thanks to God and in great faith I am also proud to announce that I am gifting my 90 day level up coaching challenge program to 5 lucky individuals. I took myself along with 2 others through the program already and am very proud to say I am happy with the results and the community this program has built and I’m hoping to share the knowledge with others. So with all that said click the link below to schedule and Opening the relationship conversations with me today and as always continue to live love and grow well❤️


Yoga In the yard starts June 29th 2019

Where: 3210 S Annabelle St Detroit MI 48217

Time: 10:30 am-11:30 am erry Saturday homies! *until ol man winter hits*

Cost: suggested donation of thee fever aka $5.00!

Limited number of yoga mats for rental available for $2.00

Cash, cash app or square available!

Proceeds will be going towards the efforts to build a wellness/ yoga center in the Southwest Detroit area, finds will also be donated to the Detroit Institute of the arts and Detroit school of the Arts

Detroit Yoga Lab Grosse point and Midtown teaching schedule

Sunday’s 8:45 am-9:45 am Midtown

Monday 7:00 pm-8:00 pm Grosse point

Tuesday 4:15 pm-5:00 pm Midtown

Wednesday 7:00 pm- 8 pm Grosse point

Thursday 6:15 am- 7:00 am and 12:15 pm-1:15 pm Midtown

Friday 1:15 pm- 2:15 pm Midtown

One thought on “What’s up, what’s Haapnin?! (If you know you know)

  1. I just saw this posting. This is awesome! Congratulations and thank you again. This is powerful!


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