A seat at the table

For years I spent my time and life being proud of “staying out the way” not being a bother to those I love, not asking questions, not asking for help when I needed it, not talking about what I have going on or what I’m trying to accomplish. No networking cause in my mind “they don’t wanna talk to my funky ass” I’d legit take the time to get dressed to go to an event and would not introduce myself to anyone! Not even the creatives I admired. I simply just did not want to create any kinda “noise” or so I thought it was. I was treating myself small, shrinking myself to hold no ones attention or “be in the way” Anytime my friends and I greeted one another it always was the same, “you know me just staying low key and out the way”, and this was said on both ends of the conversation! Lord what were we doing?! I had to shake that mentality and more so change my perspective of what “staying out the way” should be.

Now more than ever it’s been a time of being the change I want to see in the world and In that I knew that first the change had to start with me no longer shrinking myself. Rather it was to make others comfortable or to simply not be in the limelight or be the center of attention I had to and still have to on the daily Remind myself that my dreams matter and I am here for a reason. I have to remind myself daily that I deserve a seat at the table. We spend so much of out time denying the goals and dreams we see ourself having. Rather it’s that dream life, that happiness, that business venture or simply loving our own gifts and using them.

To no longer hide the gifts, desires and souls purpose that we possess. So I say the same to those who doubt their reason for being here, for those of us who shrink our desires as though we are not deserving of a beautiful life, we have work to do; Show up and know you matter. ❤️

One thought on “A seat at the table

  1. Often greatness starts the way that you described. Remain humble. But keep marching. By doing so, the world wakes up too and recognizes “someone great” is in their midst. Soon, if you haven’t already, you’ll find out you won’t have to toot your own horn. Others talking good or bad about you, unknowingly, will be waking up the world to admire your greatness. When it is happening don’t get angry for it is your power and influence in disguise. As long as you can identify this as what it is, you’ll keep a seat at the table with the real shakers and movers.

    Continue to be a woman of purpose.💜


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