We all know all too well you gotta be on the move to make some shit move; And no cap (s/o to the friend zone pod for gettin my lingo game up) with so much on the rise and forefront, sometime you just gotta go outside and un-fuckin-plug. I had the pleasure of getting some much needed unplug and roam time at this dope lil tucked off spot in Vanderbilt Michigan called Song of the morning yoga retreat. Yes y’all, Picture ya girl who never even owned more than 2 pairs of gym shoes at the same damn time was up in the real woods, doin some real campin’, hikin, yoga’n, meditatin, singin n shit and just simply being. I got to connect with dope minds including my own and reconnect with nature. I won’t bore you with the not so boring details but more so wanted to share the experience because it was truly life changing and it also confirmed why y’all gotta come to yoga in the yard! Now I know y’all like ok what does the two have to do with one another. Besides obvy reasons, let me assist by giving some dope facts as to why yoga outside is life.

All of the unplug and Roam yogis sharing a moment of quiet meditation

With the state of the world it sometimes leaves us not wanting to be outside our homes for too long; let alone interacting with others and for damn sure not just outside in nature all willy nilly n shit. But with winter not being too far ahead and “S.A.D.” being a real acronym for a real thing, we gotta enjoy this lil summer we got left in the D and enjoy the vitamin D that the sun is giving out as much as we can.

So boom, winters have always been hard for me, this isn’t new news. I’ve talked often about how over it and tired I feel, sometimes even how depressed I have felt after a prolonged winter cycle. I always thought it was simply cause I’m emotional (default answer to everything) cause who likes winter driving (nobody fr fr) or the cuffin season/ holiday season shenanigans which always causes me 4 much anxiety. Ok, I’m off my rant, But for real come to find out, Seasonal Affective disorder aka s.a.d. is a real fuckin thing, who knew!? S.A.D. is a server change in mood usually causing depression, caused by a lack of vitamin D ( not THAT vitamin D lil nasties) but lack of vitamin D in the body, that is connected with the mood and can cause chronic illness and even depression. For those who don’t know, The sun is a great natural source of vitamin D. What is vitamin D exactly, well Vitamin D is affective in the process of absorbing calcium for healthy bones, lower risk of other decease such as cancer, diabetes, chronic pain and even autism. Vitamin D also aids in weight loss and mood regulation. so getcha ass outside (not completely naked of course) and get ya natural source (rhyme game swole) of vitamin D. Random thought have y’all ever just looked at folks in the winter time, they just look pale, ashy, cold and wait for it….sad. okay back to the topic now, According to scientific studies at least 15-20 minutes a day in the sun is sufficient in maintaining a healthy amount of vitamin D in the body. Now I’m not too sure how much vitamin D y’all need to absorb to last you all of the winter however If you consider yourself someone who has a high risk of vitamin D deficiency talk to your doctor. I mentioned in “Issa party pack” Consider taking a multi vitamin or supplement with vitamin d in it as well to get ya D game up!

Yoga tends to have a focus on knowing how to focus on ya focus and tune out what’s happening around us. Practicing yoga outside in a community park or yard session helps us put that into practice. Picture the random cars driving by, folk stopping and starin even peeking out their kitchen window to be a creep definitely is weird af at first. You become vulnerable to the world around you literally all of it, eeek! But after while you learn how to tune out the outside and tune into you physically and mentally and really learn how to ignore the “noise”. Talk about finding center!

Even these flowers ( if they ain’t flowers that’s what we gone call em today damn it)
found their center in an unfamiliar place 😍

Nice Segway to the next yoga in the yard benefit, Uneven surface? Don’t trip figuratively or literally, this intensifies your practice by building muscle strength because you have the added affect of the uneven surface. This improves balance from developing the muscles of the part of the body in contact with the earth ie feet, calves etc . Now I don’t want yall out there tryna do pincha mayurasana aka forearm stand and fuck around and break something and then come back yellin at me talking bout I told y’all to go do some crazy shit. Be wise my baby but a lil warrior two in the park action ain’t ever hurt nobody.

Anytime in nature is always a time of grounding for me, nature has a subtle way of showing us the flow of life and progress. Allowing us to connect to the world and universe in a more in depth and for some even spiritual way. In this tech age we can get lost in the screens and fake things where nature, trees, water, butterflies or the simply breeze brings use back to the Beauty in simplicity. Everything begins with a simple thought; an idea manifested into reality. A simple desire to thrive no matter what. We are filled with “simply .” Simple habits, or simple Ideas that can change lives; change the trajectory, shit a simply thought has the power to change history! Seeing nature’s ability to adjust to the changes and keep growing, allow yourself the ability to adjust to change and keep goin, forward. Combining yoga in nature heightens awareness, heightens scenes and activates the brain to make us all more present. We could all benefit from some time practicing being more present.

With all that said and even other great benefits I haven’t mentioned, I hope to see you this Saturday Morning 10:30 am to 11:30 am for yoga in the yard at 3210 s. Annabelle Detroit MI 48217. Bring a mat, don’t have one? limited mat rental available…. continue to live and love well, fam.

Insert deep caption or subliminal song lyrics right here y’all.










P.s. S/O to my photographer

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