Spare Change

This past week has been pretty inspiring. I attended Detroit start up week for entrepreneurs. Detroit start up week is a week full of seminars, workshops, panels and information packed segments with leading entrepreneurs in the city and from all over the world that come to network and help those that are looking to get their own start, and get this y’all it’s all for da free!

Yes free headshots, free attorney advice, free food, and free game, on the ins and outs and highs and lows of entrepreneurship. From all industries including but not limited to tech, music, Mary Jane, and digital media; bet believe my ass was in all dem shits, or at least as many as I could run to in my flip flops and no they weren’t Gucci flip flops if y’all was wonderin (word to Future). As I ran from one tent to the next, with my notebook and recorder in hand it was a week of being the “the little guy” or shall I say the “lil Queen” in the room, asking all the questions taking all the notes getting everybody’s card and just having the chance to sit amongst those I aspire to be like. The go getters, the ones that took the chance and bet on themselves and fuckin won and continue to do so daily.

I listened to everything, intently and didn’t take it for granted that the cards fell and landed that I could be in each moment at the appointed time to hear and learn what was meant for me. With the wealth of knowledge I was blessed to get a chance to experience though, I kept tapping into random moment that stood out that had nothing to do with the seminars but helped bring my perspective and my goals to light though. Like how fuckin hot it was on day one but that didn’t stop my ass from walkin’ up and down Woodward going from stop to stop ( determination at its finest sweaty and all). Or the random dumb ass pimple that showed up the night before my headshot photo not to mention the river I cried cause of some other unnamed bs ( but I still managed to slay my damn shots if I must say so myself, puffy eyes, pimple and all). How bout the scar I got on my foot from my said non Gucci flip flops cause I forgot my other shoes and them flops was definitely not made for walkin’ (but fuck it, cause free game, free food and free wine; priories). Or maybe the thousands of people I saw take pictures at the angel wings on Woodward that I’ve been wanting to find and take pictures at forever and still have yet to do so. But what stood out the most was the random homeless person that I vaguely remember seeing but her voice still rings in my ear. To most she hadn’t said anything profound or of importance but for me as I heard the meek words “Spare change” fly in the busy Detroit air those words sounded different to me. Sorry to say guys I had no change in the moment to spare her but what I did have was a mindset change.

I know right, the homeless person made me question what kinda change in my own fucking life was I willing to spare. I took that simple sentiment of need from someone else and tapped into the own change that my life can spare my damn self, that’s what honestly made me press on. Press on to every seminar even when life was tryin to give me the shits. I encourage y’all to tap into whatever spare change your life needs today and continue to press on, turn the Lemons into lemonade and the tears into a river and build and boat to get you across to the other side in the name of being the change you want to see in your own lifetime; keep moving forward y’all.

Continue to live and love well.

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